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About KJM

The KJM Law Firm was founded in order to meet the demands of a global clienteles response to the dynamically evolving international market and legal relations. Since joining the European Union, Poland has become an increasingly attractive playing field for international investors. KJM provides legal services dedicated to individual as well as corporate Clients, with a specific focus on foreign enterprise.

By providing our Clients with a broad professional network of experienced lawyers specializing in particular areas of law, foreign law firms, as well as with selected notary offices, accounting firms, real-estate agencies and accredited translators, KJM continues to meet the exceptional professional standards our Clients have come to expect in a rapidly developing global legal market.

As such we offer comprehensive legal assistance in a multi-lingual environment including Polish, German, English and Spanish - in either singular cases or protracted counseling relationships.

Our mission is to provide counsel that is efficient, flexible and creative, adapting to current legal situation, with a professional courtesy that conforms to the ever changing needs of our Clientele.

The KJM Law Firm is headquartered in Wrocław, the capital of Lower Silesia – one of Poland’s richest developing regions favorable to business, including Special Economic Zones.

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